Approvals, Codes, Data Sheets „ÄČ ISDN boards SX2-express SinglePRI / SX2-express DualPRI
ISDN boards SX2-express SinglePRI / SX2-express DualPRI
ISDN Interface
* SX2-express SinglePRI: 1 x PRI2m interface orSX2-express DualPRI: 2 x PRI 2m-interface
* Each line can be configured individually using a jumper field for the TE or NT mode.
* Failover relay on the SX2 DualPRI. This enables the two lines to be directly connected to each other in the event of power failure or software problems, so that a PRI external line can be looped through the card. This can be used for standby scenarios.
* A maximum of 4 different cards (SX2 QuadBRI, SX2 SinglePRIand SX2 DualPRI) can be used in one PC. In doing so, a maximum of 76 B channels will be supported.
PCM Highway
* Tact synchronization is only possible between the different SX2-express cards. The cards are connected with a ribbon cable.
* 2/4/8 Mbit/s data transfer rate
* Chipset: Exar XRT86VL
* 6 DIP Switches
* Exact 32,768 MHz quartz oscillator
* PCIe x1 Interface
General purpose I/O
* Four LEDs (red/green) on the mounting bracket of the ISDN card per PRI interface
* Four DIP switches per PRI interface that can be used for the identification of the card
* You will find more recent drivers for the SX2 in the download area of the homepage:
This is how you install the ISDN cards in your computer
This is how you install the drivers for the ISDN card
This is how you modify the ISDN card driver configuration
This is how you change the line termination of SX2-express SinglePRI or SX2-express DualPRI