Call Detail Records (CDR)
Call Detail Records (CDR)
SwyxWare allows you to record information concerning connected calls, so-called “Call Detail Records”, in a text file.
When saving and processing personal data, please observe the respective applicable data protection regulations.
The following parameters can be configured:
* Activate / deactivate records (deactivated by default)
* Path and file name in which the record should be stored
* maximum file size.
* Display of external numbers
To define the parameters, go to the SwyxWare Administration and open “Properties” in the SwyxServer context menu. You can make all necessary settings on the “Call Detail Records” tab:
Here, you define the file and the directory where SwyxServer will save the Call Detail Records. If necessary, you can limit the file size (100 – 32000 Kbyte). If the maximum file size is exceeded, a new file with the same name plus a counter will be created and filled.
The CDRs recorded in this way can be processed with a suitable billing software; in the simplest case Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or StarOffice.
Write Call Detail Records in a database
Call Detail Records can also be written in a database instead of in a text file.
Call Detail Records cannot be deleted from the database. Please observe the respective applicable legal regulations. Please observe this in particular if you select the database as the memory location.
For further information, please refer to the knowledge base:
Write Call Detail Record in a database