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Charging Information via ISDN
Charging information can be transmitted by ISDN in various formats and at different times. SwyxWare uses this information, which occurs almost exclusively during practical application, during the connection (AOC-D) or at the end of the connection (AOC-E). There are different variations for both of the above variants: The transmission of charging units or the transmission of charges as currency units. The type of information that is transmitted depends on the provider and the existing line. For more detailed information on this, contact your ISDN provider.
“Advice of charge” in Charging Units
This type of charging information contains the number of charging units. The Deutsche Telekom generally uses this type of charge display. In order for the SwyxServer to be able display the charges for a call in the telephony client or in the Call Detail Records, SwyxServer must know how expensive one charging unit is.
How to configure the value of the charging unit
1 Open the SwyxWare Administration.
2 Open the “SwyxServer | Properties” and switch to the “Charges” tab.
3 Set the value “Cost per charging unit”.
Changes made to this value have no influence on the connections made in the past. The new value will be used when determining the charges for future connections.
Please note that the settings made in the administration are only valid for this type charging information. If the charges are transmitted in as currency units, these settings are ignored.
“Advice of charge” in Currency Units
This type of charging information contains the number of charging units, the value of a charging unit and the currency. Since this information is complete, SwyxServer ignores the configured charging unit value and the currency. Swiss Telecom generally sends this type of charging information.