SwyxConnect 5000/8000
SwyxConnect 5000/8000
SwyxConnect 5000/8000 is structurally identical to the AudioCodes Mediant 500/800 and consists of a multifunctional media gateway to connect the PSTN with IP networks.
It has the following functions in conjunction with SwyxWare:
* SIP Gateway, so that calls can be set up from SwyxWare into the PSTN and vice versa
* Connection and integration of legacy PBX, or analog and ISDN devices with SwyxWare for migration scenarios
* Operation as independent SIP proxy in separated smaller locations with fallback function, in case the IP/VPN connection to the central location or SwyxServer fails
See the AudioCodes Mediant 500/800 manual for further technical details, user scenarios and functions.