SwyxConnect 5000/8000 Overview Key concepts Account Table
Account Table
The account table is used to configure SIP accounts. If you want to use SwyxConnect 5000/8000 withSwyxWare, please create a SIP account for each PSTN trunk, i.e. every SIP gateway trunk configured in SwyxWare needs a SIP account onSwyxConnect 5000/8000 with the same configuration data (username, password). This creates a one-to-one relationship between the PSTN trunks of SwyxConnect 5000/8000, the SIP accounts of SwyxConnect 5000/8000 and any SIP gateway trunks of SwyxWare.
You can also use SwyxConnect 5000/8000 for the connection of ISDN or analog telephones, which are each assigned to a SwyxWare user. In this case you configure a SIP account in the account table for each telephone, applying the same SIP login data of the SwyxWare user to which you want to assign the telephone.