SwyxConnect 5000/8000 Overview Digit Mapping
Digit Mapping
Digit Map pattern rules can be applied for Tel-to-IP calls, which use Overlap Dialing. In the scenarios described here, the aim is to delay the application of routing rules with the help of the digit map pattern, until the destination number has reached a length which ensures that the desired routing rule is applied. Up to 52 digit map pattern rules can be defined, separated from one another with a concatenation character ("|"). The string must not exceed 152 characters.
The following special characters may be used in the character string:
* [n-m] range of digits (letters are not allowed)
* . Any number of digits until the next notation
* x Any single digit
* T Wait for timeout when dialing
In the example "DigitMapping = 00[1-7]xxx|x.T", the section "00[1-7]xxx" collects numbers that start with 00 and then contain a digit between 1 and 7, followed by any three further digits. Always conclude a digit map with "x.T", in order to ensure that numbers which do not correspond to any formulated digit map pattern rule are still dialed. If the digit map is not concluded with "x.T", only numbers corresponding to a digit map pattern rule are accepted by SwyxConnect 5000/8000.
For further information, please see the AudioCodes Mediant 500/800 manual.