SwyxConnect 5000/8000 Configuring SwyxConnect 5000/8000 for use with SwyxWare Preparation of SwyxWare
Preparation of SwyxWare
1 In the SwyxWare Administration, configure the SIP gateway trunks that you want to use.
2 When selecting the profile for the trunk group, choose the SwyxConnect 5000/8000 profile matching your connection.
If you want to connect ISDN or analog telephones to SwyxConnect 5000/8000, configure for each of these a SwyxWare user with the option of logging in through SIP.
Important: For the SIP user name and the SIP user ID, choose the extension that this user should be given. This is essential to ensure that when the SAS is used in the separated location, the user will still be able to call with the extension in emergency mode.