SwyxConnect 5000/8000 Configuring SwyxConnect 5000/8000 for use with SwyxWare Startup of SwyxConnect 5000/8000
Startup of SwyxConnect 5000/8000
1 Connect SwyxConnect 5000/8000 to the LAN. Ethernet connections are redundant and can be found on the front panel.
2 Connect SwyxConnect 5000/8000 to the power supply. It will start, and after a little while it can be reached on the preset address IP (subnet mask, gateway
3 Start a web browser, deactivate the proxy settings and then enter "", to establish a link to SwyxConnect 5000/8000.
4 For the user name and password, enter "Admin" (factory setting). Entries are case-sensitive.
5 After log-on, set the view of the tree structure to "Full" so that all entries become visible (recommended after every login).
You can also find an entry in the tree structure using Search. Click on "Search", and enter all or part of the entry name.
6 Upload the new firmware and the file for the CallProgress tones to be used.
7 Start the update of the firmware by calling up the parent menu "Device Actions | Software Upgrade Wizard".
The wizard takes you through the individual steps to update the firmware.
Confirm the following dialogs and wait for SwyxConnect 5000/8000 to restart.
Fig. C-5: Device Actions
8 Finally the connection to the PSTN and/or to any ISDN or analog telephones has to be set up. Connect SwyxConnect 5000/8000 to your NTBA and the terminal devices. The figures below show the pin configuration of the PRI and BRI modules of SwyxConnect 5000/8000.
Fig. C-6: RJ-48c Pin configuration of an E1/T1 PRI plug-in module
Fig. C-7: RJ-45 Pin configuration of a BRI plug-in module