SwyxDECT 800 System System overview Examples of installations Installation at one location
Installation at one location
The example scenario shows an installation of several base stations at one location. The lines between SwyxServer, DECT master and the DECT radios represent the logical link between the software components.
One of the base stations must be assigned the role of master base station. For this purpose, it must have activated the software component DECT Master. It can also continue to act as a DECT radio. Both software components, DECT Master and DECT Radio, must then be activated. For all other base stations, only the software component DECT Radio should be activated.
Fig. K-3: Installation at one location
A SwyxDECT 800 system uses 12 time slots/channels. 4 of them are used for internal applications, 8 remain for calls.
It is recommended to install both components on one station:
* DECT Master ( A base station can work in various states (mode):),
* Synchronization master ( 'DECT | Air Sync' page) .
Similarly, the backup synch master should be installed on the standby master station.