SwyxDECT 800 System Configuration of the SwyxDECT 800 Configuration of the master base station (standby scenarios 2 or 3)
Configuration of the master base station (standby scenarios 2 or 3)
This chapter describes how to configure the master SwyxDECT 800.
This is how you configure the master SwyxDECT 800
1 Define the address of the SwyxDECT 800 and gain access to SwyxDECT 800 via the web interface ( Starting the SwyxDECT 800).
2 Mains power supply for the base station
Open the page “General | Admin”.
* In the field "Device name", enter the name (e.g. Warehouse, Purchasing) of the base station.
* Now enter the new user name in the field "User name", and the password in the field "Password". Repeat the input of the password in the text field below.
Standard user name: admin
Standard password: changeme
* Click on "OK".
3 Time server
Open the page “General | NTP”.
* Select the "Management | Time settings" option, and enter the IP address of your Windows server or a public time server (e.g. ptbtime1.ptb.de) in the field "Time Server".
* In the field "Interval", define the time period after which the internal time is compared again with that of the time server; and select the relevant time zone in the selection field "Timezone".
See 'General | NTP' page.
4 Static IP address
Open the page “LAN | DHCP”.
* In the field "mode", choose “disabled”.
* Click on “OK”.
Open the page “LAN | IP”.
* In the fields: "IP address", "Network mask", "Default Gateway" and "DNS Server", enter the data you have obtained from your administrator.
* Click on “OK”.
See This is how you define the static IP address.
5 Set mode to "Master"
Open the page "DECT | Master".
* In the selection list "Mode", select the option "Active".
See A base station can work in various states (mode):.
* Click on “OK”.
6 Restart the system under "Reset | Reset” ( Reset).
7 System properties such as name and password, frequency band and tones, Codecs and packet sizes
Open the page “DECT | System”.
* Username and Password
Enter a name in the field "System Name".
Enter a password in the field "Password", and repeat the input in the field below.
See 'DECT | System' page.
* Tones
Select the tone you want in the field "Tones" (e.g. EUROPE-PBX).
See Signaling tones
* Frequency band
Select the frequency band you want in the field "Frequency" (e.g. Europe).
See Frequency band.
* Codecs and Profiles
Select "G711u" in the field "Coder" and enter "20" in the field "Frame (ms)".
See Codecs and the packet size.
* Click on “OK”.
8 Restart the system under "Reset | Reset” ( Reset).
9 Configuring SwyxServer
Open the page "DECT | Master".
* Activate the option "Enable Pari function".
* Select the protocol "SIP" in the selection list.
* Enter the IP address of SwyxServer under IP PBX in the field "Proxy".
See IP PBX (Configuration of SwyxServer).
* Set the maximum length of the internal numbers. This length defines whether the call is an internal or external call, and the respective ringing tones are used (Standard 3).
* Activate the option "Enbloc Dialing" to enable block dialing.
* In the selection list "Hold signaling", select the option "sendonly". The corresponding SIP HOLD INVITE message is then filled with this.
10 Restart the system under "Reset | Reset” ( Reset).
11 Voicemail notification (Message Waiting Indication)
Open the page “DECT | Suppl”. Serv.“.
* Activate the option "Enable Supplementary Services".
* In the "MWI Mode" field, select the option „Fixed interrogate and fixed notify number“.
* In the fields "MWI Interrogate Number" and "MWI Notify Number", enter the string "##10".
* Click on “OK”.
12 Set the master IP address.
The IP address of the master base station must be known to all base stations.
Open the page “DECT | Radio”.
* Enter the name, the password and the address of the master base station into the field "Pari Master IP Address".
The IP address of the standby master base station can additionally be entered.
* Click on “OK”.
See 'DECT | Radio' page.
13 Restart the system under "Reset | Reset” ( Reset).
Open the page "DECT | SARI" and enter the SARI you have received upon delivery.
See 'DECT | SARI' page (Secondary Access Right Identity).
15 Radio synchronisation
Open the page “DECT | Air Sync”.
* In the field "mode", choose “Master”.
* Click on “OK”.
See 'DECT | Air Sync' page.
16 VoIP Configuration
Open the page “VoIP | SIP”.
Check whether the option "Add instance id to the user registration with the IP-PBX" is deactivated and delete the "Session Timer".
17 Start SwyxDECT 800 again, so that the effect of the configuration changes can be seen ( Reset).
It is recommended that the components DECT Master, radio synchronization master and LDAP master are installed on the same station.