SwyxDECT 800 System Configuration of the SwyxDECT 800 Configuration in detail LDAP 'LDAP | Replicator' page
'LDAP | Replicator' page
Firmware version as of 3.x.x
As of firmware version 3.x.x, the mechanism to exchange data between the base stations has changed. The LDAP protocol is only necessary for the replication between the master and the standby master base stations. The LDAP protocol has to be deactivated in the Save base stations. They are now using the new PARI function.
This is how you disable the LDAP replicator
1 Select "LDAP | Replicator".
2 Deactivate the "Enable" option.
3 Select "DECT | Radio" and enter the name and password for the Pari master.
The name and password must be identical here to the system name and password under "DECT | System". The data exchange between the base stations is thereby enabled.
How to configure an LDAP replicator in the standby master base stations
1 Select "LDAP | Replicator".
2 Activate the "Enable" option.
3 Enter the IP address of the LDAP server (Master) in the field "Server".
4 Enter the IP address of the alternative LDAP server in the field "Alt. Server".
5 Enter the LDAP user name in the field "User", and the password in the field "Password".
The same password must be used here that was already configured in the master base station.
6 Click on “OK”.