SwyxDECT 800 System Configuration of the SwyxDECT 800 Configuration in detail DECT 'DECT | System' page
'DECT | System' page
The system name and the password must be identical for all base stations within the system.
Authentication code and method
You can configure the system authentication code and the assigned registration procedure (Subscription).
The base station can use the following methods:
* With User AC
With user authentication code
* With System AC
With system authentication code This mode is now used instead of 'Anonymous'.
* Disable
If a handset is subsequently registered in anonymous mode, please chose "With System AC" under "Supscriptions".
Signaling tones
You can change the default here for the signaling tones used. Select the tone you want in the field "Tones" (e.g. EUROPE-PBX).
Frequency band
The base station can work with the following frequency bands:
* 1880 - 1900 MHz, EU
* 1910 - 1930 MHz, South America
* 1920 - 1930 MHz, North America
The usage of the frequencies for North or South America isn't allowed in Europe!
Select the frequency band you want in the field "Frequency" (e.g. Europe).
After a change, start the base station again under 'Reset', so that the effect of the configuration changes can be seen.
Carrier frequency (Carriers)
SwyxDECT 800 provides five carriers for the North American frequency band, and ten carriers for other frequency bands. Under normal circumstances, all carrier frequencies are activated.
Local R-Key Handling
If this function is activated, the keyboard information is handled locally. If it is deactivated, the information is sent directly to the IP PBX.
Activate/deactivate the option "Local R-Key Handling" by setting/ removing a check mark.
Codecs and the packet size
Choose the preferred Codec and specify the packet size you want. If the option "Exclusive" is activated, the base station is forced to use the Codec.
If the field "SC - Silence Compression" is activated, no information is sent during the pauses in speech. Please DON'T USE this option because the quality will be reduced and it leads in combination with G.729 to serious problems like connection interrupts!
Select "G711a" in the field "Codec" and enter the value "20" in the field "Frame (ms)".
If "Exclusive" is activated, it could be impossible for the Codec to make calls outside the DECT system.