SwyxDECT 800 System Configuration of the SwyxDECT 800 Configuration in detail DECT 'DECT | Master' page
'DECT | Master' page
Please define which mode the station uses, Master or Slave. Enter the associated parameters.
A base station can work in various states (mode):
* Active
if this base station is a master base station
* Standby
if this base station is a Standby master base station
* Off
if this base station is a slave base station
* Deployment
needed only for coverage tests. Here the voice is forwarded directly from the handset back to the handset.
* Mirror
if this base station is one of the two “Mirrors” (Master1 or Master2)
Activate "Enable Pari function".
IP PBX (Configuration of SwyxServer)
1 Select "SIP" as protocol and enter the IP address of the SwyxServer under "Proxy".
2 If you use SwyxWare standby, enter under "Alt. Proxy" the IP address of the standby SwyxServer.
3 Enter the maximum number of digits of an internal number in the SwyxWare (e.g. 3) in the field "Max. internal number length". This number length is used for deciding whether a call is from an internal or external source, in order e.g. to use the corresponding ring tone.
4 Activate the field "Enbloc Dialing".
If this optionis activated, all digits of the number can be entered before the handset is lifted. The phone number will be dialed completely (as a block) when the handset is lifted.
5 Deactivate the field "Enable Enbloc Send-key".
6 Deactivate the field "Allow DTMF through RTP".
7 Configure the "SIP Interoperability Settings":
The field "Registration time-to-live" can be left blank, and all checkboxes (e.g. "Hold before Transfer") should be deactivated. For "Hold Signaling", select the setting "sendonly".
If the device is configured as Standby Master (Mode=Standby), the following changes are also needed:
8 Enter the IP address of the master in the field "Primary Master IP Address".
9 After a change, start the base station again under 'Reset', so that the effect of the configuration changes can be seen.