SwyxDECT 800 System Configuration of the SwyxDECT 800 Configuration in detail Central Phonebook
Central Phonebook
import or export as CSV file.
The imported CSV file should have the following format:
First Name 1; Last Name 1; Phone Number 1
First Name 2; Last Name 2; Phone Number 2
First Name 1, Last Name 1, Phone Number 1
First Name 2, Last Name 2, Phone Number 2
A CSV file may contain up to 2000 users.
When importing a global phonebook in CSV format, any existing entries are deleted.
How to import the Global Phonebook in CSV format
1 Select "Central Phonebook".
2 Activate the field "Enable".
3 Under "File Import Settings", "File type" select the CSV file you want to import.
4 In the field "Delimiter", select the das delimiter of the CSV file (e.g. ";").
5 Click on “OK”.
6 Select "Import" and "Choose file".
7 Select the CSV file and click on "Open".
8 Click on "Close".
See The Import and Export of Phonebooks.
How to export the Global Phonebook as CSV file
The complete phonebook can be exported as CSV file for editing or security purposes.
1 Select "Central Phonebook".
2 Select "Export".
3 A window will open. Click on "Download file".
4 In the next dialog, click on "Save".
5 Enter the name of the file and select the folder, in which the file should be saved.
6 Click on "Save".