SwyxDECT 800 System Configuration of the SwyxDECT 800 Configuration in detail Reset 'Reset | Boot' page
'Reset | Boot' page
Only special firmware (minifirmware) is used, which provides the IP stack and the web interface.
Reset using the reset button
You will find the reset button for executing a hardware restart in a small hole on the back of the base station. Use a nonconductor to execute the restart.
The following reset options are available:
* Short pressure on the reset button ( 1 second)
Generates a restart of the base station.
* Medium-length pressure on the reset button (~ 3 seconds)
Generates a restart of the base station in TFTP mode. In this mode, the base station can only be accessed with the help of the program "Gwload". This mode is intended for development and support departments.
* Long pressure on the reset button (~ 10 seconds)
In this restart, all configuration parameters are set to the default value.
Note that in the hardware restart (by pressing the Reset button for more than 10 seconds) the SARI is deleted. So save the SARI beforehand. See 'DECT | SARI' page (Secondary Access Right Identity).