SwyxDECT 800 System Cordless Phone Manager Configuration
In the Start menu under "Programs", select the option "Cordless Phone Manager". The program is started.
Access to the functions of the Cordless Phone Manager is restricted for the user. Only the administrator can use all the functions. The availability of the functions in the menu bar and toolbar also varies, depending on the selected handset type.
For a handset to be configurable with the help of the Cordless Phone Manager, the handset must be connected to the computer by a suitable interface cable.
Menu Bar
File | Settings
Settings ( Settings)
Tools | Company phone book
Global Phonebook ( Company phone book)
Tools | User phone book
Private Phonebook ( User phone book)
Tools | Ringing melodies
Melodies ( Ringing melodies)
Tools | Start-up screen
Start-up screen ( Start-up screen)
Tools | PBX Settings
PBX Settings ( PBX Settings)
Tools | Additional language
Additional language ( Additional Language)
Tools | Configure SwyxPhone D300
Configuration of SwyxPhone D300, see Configure SwyxPhone D300
Tools | Software Download
Software Download ( Software download)