SwyxDECT 800 System Cordless Phone Manager Configuration Settings
In the "Settings" dialog you can specify the handset type, the radio protocol, the COM port and the Bps. Confirm your entries by clicking on "OK".
Cordless phone
Select the required handset type here. The ABC code is in the battery compartment of the handset.
Air Protocol
Select the radio protocol (DECT-A/B) or (DECT-GAP/CAP) here. If the selected handset can only be used with one radio protocol, this protocol is automatically selected.
Select the communication port of the computer to the programming adapter here (COM1, COM2, COM3 or COM4).
Baud rate
Select the baud rate between the computer and the programming adapter here (between 4800 and 115200 bps).
If you click on "Cancel", this dialog will be closed.
If you click on "OK", the selection will be accepted and the dialog will be closed.
If you click on "Help", the online help will be opened.
Note that if the baud rate has been set too high, it will be set back to the previous value. The maximum baud rate supported by most handsets is 38400 bps.