SwyxDECT 800 System Cordless Phone Manager Configuration Ringing melodies
Ringing melodies
This function is relevant for the SwyxPhone D300 handset . The SwyxPhone D300 can play user-defined ringtone melodies. These melodies, which are in RTTTL format, can be downloaded with the Cordless Phone Manager.
The SwyxPhone D300 must be activated during configuration.
The size of a melody (or all melodies) is limited according to the available memory capacity of the handset. If the maximum size has been exceeded, the melody is truncated.
If you click on "Open", you can open an INI file that already contains a set of stored melodies.
If you click on "Save", you can save the melodies that are currently selected in this dialog, in a set.
The index specifies whether a melody should be downloaded to the handset (check mark set) or removed from it (no check mark).
Click on "Browse" to choose the RTTTL melody file that should be downloaded to the handset.
If you click on "Download", the selected melodies are loaded on to the handset.
If you click on "Close", this dialog will be closed.
If you click on "Help", the online help will be opened.