SwyxDECT 800 System Cordless Phone Manager Configuration Start-up screen
Start-up screen
This feature applies to the SwyxPhone D300 handset. SwyxPhone D300 may contain a new startup screen. To change the start-up screen, you need an image file in BMP format.
The SwyxPhone D300 must be activated during configuration.
Original Image
The left area shows the original view of the image to be downloaded.
LCD image
The right area shows the grayscale image as it will be displayed on the start-up screen.
Click on "Browse" to choose the BMP file that should be downloaded.
If you click on "Download", the image file will be downloaded. After the click, the handset is automatically switched off and an information dialog appears. It is absolutely essential that you follow the instructions in this dialog.
If you click on "Close", this dialog will be closed.
If you click on "Help", the online help will be opened.