SwyxDECT 800 System Cordless Phone Manager Configuration Configure SwyxPhone D300
Configure SwyxPhone D300
Instead of separate downloads for start-up screen, melodies, PBX settings, global phonebooks and additional language, a simultaneous download of all these items to the SwyxPhone D300 can take place here.
The SwyxPhone D300 must be activated during configuration.
Check boxes
By setting a check mark in the relevant check box, you specify which settings should be loaded on to the SwyxPhone D300.
If you click on "Clear", the settings present in the SwyxPhone D300 will be deleted in the download. For example, if the SwyxPhone D300 has a start-up screen and this is to be removed, click on clear after "Start-up screen". During the download, the start-up screen will be removed.
If you click on "Download", this initiates the download of the selected items.
If you click on "Close", this dialog will be closed.
If you click on "Help", the online help will be opened.