SwyxDECT 800 System Cordless Phone Manager Configuration Software download
Software download
This configuration relates to the handsets SwyxPhone D200 and SwyxPhone D300. New software is downloaded on to the selected handset with the dialog "Software download".
SwyxPhone D200 and SwyxPhone D300 must be activated during configuration.
Cordless phone
Shows the selected handset.
Air Protocol
Shows the selected radio protocol.
Com port
Shows the communication port of the computer to the programming adapter.
Baud rate
Shows the transmission rate between the computer and the programming adapter.
Click on "Browse" to open the dialog "Open software file" for the selection of the software file.
If you click on "Download ", the download will be started. Before this, the handset must have been connected via the interface cable and switched on.
If you click on "Close", this dialog will be closed.
If you click on "Help", the online help will be opened.
Never connect a handset type other than the one shown in this dialog. Malfunctions can occur when an incorrect handset type is connected.