SwyxDECT 800 System „ÄČ Update of the SwyxDECT 800
Update of the SwyxDECT 800
You can perform various updates:
* Firmware of the SwyxDECT 800
* Configuration of the SwyxDECT 800
* Bootloader of the SwyxDECT 800
This is how you update the SwyxDECT 800
1 Open the web interface of the SwyxDECT 800.
2 Authenticate yourself as administrator (name and password).
3 Switch to the "Update" page.
4 Choose what you want to update:
* Configuration (Config)
A previously saved configuration can be loaded and activated here.
For how to save the configuration of a SwyxDECT 800, please refer to Backup.
* Software of the station (Firmware)
The upload should on no account be interrupted, as otherwise the firmware in the terminal will be destroyed. Do not perform a restart before the upload has been completely executed! If for some reason an interruption does occur, you must upload the firmware again. Use the program "gwload.exe" for this.
See also Update of the firmware with Gwload
* Startup file (Boot)
You can update the startup file here.
5 Enter the URL for the relevant update file.
6 Choose "Upload" to start the update process.
7 Then do a reset or idle reset. See Reset.