Devices Configuration of the Terminal Devices in SwyxIt! Use of a Headset with a SwyxPhone Lxxx
Use of a Headset with a SwyxPhone Lxxx
Frequent callers can connect a headset directly to a SwyxPhone Lxxx. If SwyxPhone Lxxx has a headset connection, you can configure its behavior in the user profile under the "SwyxPhone" tab. The following options are available:
* Option "Use SwyxPhone with headset" not activated
If the handset is down, the hands-free functionality is enabled in case of an incoming call. In this case, the connected headset will not be activated until the Headset button on the phone is activated.
* Option "Use SwyxPhone with headset" activated
The acoustic output of the phone is signaled through the headset connection. The handsfree phone is then activated by pressing the Speaker button on the phone.