IBM Notes integration Voicemail and Remote Inquiry
Voicemail and Remote Inquiry
In order to receive voice mails and/or perform a remote inquiry, SwyxServer must have access to the mailbox of the respective user.
How to configure IBM Notes for Voicemail and Remote Inquiry
1 Enable the IMAP services and the SMTP listener task on the Domino Server.
2 Create a Lotus Notes user named “Voicemail”.
3 Select any mailbox type.
4 Configure the email address of this user as the sender address for voicemail messages in the SwyxWare. To configure the address, go to the SwyxServer properties on the “Voicemail” tab.
5 Configure the mailbox access via IMAP for all IBM Notes users.
* When registering a new user, select the "IMAP" mailbox type.
* For existing users, IMAP access has to be enabled for your mailbox. The mailbox file has to be converted to IMAP.
Domino 6 performs an automatic conversion, however, the documentation recommends a manual conversion. For further information, please see the Notes documentation.
6 Set an “Internet password” for each user.
7 The IMAP login requires a short name and an “internet password”.
8 When configuring the Remote Inquiry in SwyxIt!, please enter INBOX as inbox folder.