IBM Notes integration „ÄČ Debugging and Troubleshooting
Debugging and Troubleshooting
This section describes possible problems and error sources, and how to resolve them.
No access to the Voicemail
* The IMAP service must be enabled.
* Verify if there are any IMAP service entries in the IBM Notes log.
* The IMAP user name must not contain any umlauts.
* Is the Internet password correct? Please enter the password again. The dialog box in the IBM Notes administration is misleading. When you enter a password such as "test", it will be replaced by an encoded string, such as "(AREGZ478EF5WER436G589SDTG)".
* IMAP access has to be configured for the IBM Notes user.
* If the mailbox has not been configured as an IMAP mailbox, it must be converted to IMAP.
Voice mails cannot be received and are not displayed in IBM Notes
* The SMTP listener task must be enabled (Default: disabled).
Voice mails can be received and are displayed in IBM Notes. However, it cannot be retrieved by remote inquiry
* Enable the full text indexing for the respective mailbox database.
* Alternatively, try another IMAP4 mail client software (e.g. Pegasus Mail,
* It may also be helpful to enable tracing for IMAP4 components on SwyxServer.
The trace contains IMAP requests and answers in plain text. Please note any error messages of the Domino server.