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Installation of ESTOS MetaDirectory
ESTOS MetaDirectory 3.0 Professional must be installed on a server in the company network. The contact data from the chosen data sources is maintained with the help of so-called replicators. These link the various databases to ESTOS MetaDirectory, and handle the data synchronization. Using a field mapping wizard, the administrator can determine which data fields must be synchronized with ESTOS Metadirectory (replicated), and in what form. In order to keep the replicated data current at all times, the administrator must define the intervals at which the replication should be carried out.
You need an appropriate license for the use of ESTOS MetaDirectory 3.0 Professional.
You will find the installation file for ESTOS MetaDirectory 3.0 on the ESTOS Home page.
Please see the ESTOS MetaDirectory documentation for detailed information on installing the ESTOS MetaDirectory, and on data replication.