SwyxPLUS: ESTOS, DATEV and Visual Groups integration Installation and configuration of SwyxPLUS VisualGroups Configuring SwyxPLUS VisualGroups initially
Configuring SwyxPLUS VisualGroups initially
When the installation is completed, you can use the configuration wizard to configure SwyxPLUS VisualGroups initially.
For the initial configuration system administrator rights are required.
How to configure SwyxPLUS VisualGroups initially
1 Open the Web Portal via the link in the installation wizard or in a web browser, Configuring SwyxPLUS VisualGroups.
The SwyxPLUS VisualGroups configuration wizard login page appears.
2 Click on “Next" to start the initial configuration.
If you cancel the initial configuration and start the configuration wizard at a later stage in an existing installation, all settings will be reset.
Your SwyxPLUS VisualGroups lincenses are being checked.
An overview of your SwyxPLUS VisualGroups licenses appears:
* Option Pack: Your SwyxPLUS VisualGroups license
* Number of queues: Current number of your queues
3 Click on "Next ".
4 Enter names for the queues. The name appears in the users’ SwyxIt! clients and in the SwyxPLUS VisualGroups usage reports.
5 Assign skins and users to your queues:
* Queue: From the dropdown list select the required queue.
* Skin: From the dropdown list select the standard skin you want to assign to the user.
* Available users: From the dropdown list select the group from which you want to assign users to the queue.
* User: Activate the checkbox in the line of the user you want to add or activate the checkbox in the “User” line to add all users in the list.
Click on the “Arrow" symbol to assign the selected users to the queue.
You can enter a name into the search field to search for a user.
6 Click on "Next ".
7 Define the reporting settings:
* Interval: Activate the checkbox of the time interval in which you want to receive your usage reports.
* Day of Week: Activate the checkbox of the day of week on which you want to receive your usage reports.
* Language: From the dropdown list select the language in which you want to receive your usage reports.
* Reporting time: Enter the beginning and the end of the time span in which the usage reports shall be created (e.g. your office hours).
* Recipient: Enter the email address to which your usage reports shall be sent.
8 Click on "Next ".
9 Validate your SMTP settings and enter your password for the authentification of SwyxServer at the SMTP server.
10 Click on "Next ".
The web portal start page appears.
11 Click on “Finish” to finsh the initial configuration.
The initial configuration is completed. You can use the web portal for further configurations.
After you have completed the initial configuration every SwyxWare administrator with a corresponding administration profile can use the web portal to configure SwyxPLUS VisualGroups, Configuring SwyxPLUS VisualGroups.