SwyxPLUS: ESTOS, DATEV and Visual Groups integration Installation and configuration of SwyxPLUS VisualGroups Configuring SwyxPLUS VisualGroups
Configuring SwyxPLUS VisualGroups
After the initial configuraiton of SwyxPLUS VisualGroups is completed, you can use the web portal for further configurations. To do so, enter the following address into your browser:
* IIS as a local service:
* IIS as a separated service:
http://<computer name/IP address>/visualgroups/adminvg.aspx
Your licenses are being checked once a day and with every login to the web portal. If you do not have sufficient licenses for your queues, the queues which have been created last are being deactivated first (Last-In-First-Out-Principle).
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