SwyxDECT 500 System „ÄČ General Information on SwyxDECT 500
General Information on SwyxDECT 500
A SwyxDECT 500 has two internal antennas.
Power Supply
A PoE (Power-Over Ethernet) supply, class 2 (3.84 to 6,49 watt at 48 volt DC) is required.
* RJ45 jack for LAN/PoE
State signaling by LEDs
The SwyxDECT 500 has an LED, which indicates the states of the system.
LED Signal
permanent green light
The base station is active, the network registration has been successful.
blinks orange
The base station is being initialized.
blinks red
Voltage present, network registration failed.
Base station is inactive.
By using the reset switch, the base station can be reset to factory settings. Press the reset switch for at least 10 seconds with a pointed tool, until the red LED lights up permanently.