SwyxDECT 500 System Configuration of a SwyxDECT 500 base station Configuration of a multi-cell system
Configuration of a multi-cell system
A multi-cell system is an aligned and synchronized system of base stations, covering larger radio ranges. Up to 254 base stations can be used. They can be set up in chains (up to 24 base stations per chain).
Before installing a multi-cell system, all requirements regarding radio coverage, number of DECT users, their movements, as well as the installation site (building information) have to be met. Verify if any interference factors are present that may have a negative impact on the DECT installation.
Please adhere to the following sequence of steps to configure a multi-cell system.
* Setup first base station (step (1) to (9))
* Add server (Step (10) to (18))
* Add at least one user (step (19))
* Set first base station to "multi-cell" (step (20))
* Add second base station (repeat step (1) to (9) followed by (20) to (22))
How to configure a multi-cell system
1 Enter the IP address of the base station in the address bar of a browser.
A login window will open.
2 Enter the user name and password. By default the user name and password is "admin" and "admin".
3 The home page of the web interface to configure the SwyxDECT 500 base station opens.
4 Go to the menu bar and click on "Management | Country setting" and select the country and the desired language. Confirm your selection by clicking on "Save and Reboot".
The system restarts.
5 Select the "Management | Time settings" option, and enter the IP address of your Windows server or a public time server (e.g. ptbtime1.ptb.de) in the field "Time Server". This synchronizes the time being displayed on the DECT handsets.
6 Click on "Save and Reboot".
The system restarts.
7 Select the "Management" option.
8 Give the base station a name.
9 Confirm the entry by clicking on "save".
10 Select the "Extensions | Server" option.
11 Click on "Add server".
12 Deactivate the NAT adaption.
13 Enter the SwyxServer's IP address in the "Registrar" field.
14 Please enter in the field "Secondary Registrar-Address:" the IP-addres of the Standby Server.
15 Activate "SIP Session Timers."
16 Enter the value "90" into the "Session Timer Value" field.
17 In the field "DTMF signaling", select "SIP-INFO".
In order to support Codec G.729, an optional module for the base station is required (one module per base station). The codec G.729 should be placed after codec G.711U in the priority list.
18 Click on "Save."
19 Add a new user. See How to add a new user.
20 Select the "Multi-cell" option.
21 Select "Activated" in the field "Multi-cell system".
Within the "Home/Status" menu item, the base station will be marked as primary cell in the "System information" field.
22 Click on "Save and Reboot".
The system restarts.
23 Configure further base stations by repeating step (1) to (9), followed by step (20) to (22).
24 After a few minutes, the configured base stations will be displayed in the "Base station group" table. The base station added first will automatically be defined as the primary base station.
25 The synchronization will be defined automatically. For a manual synchronization, the field "Configure synchronization of DECT tree automatically" must be set to "Deactivated". Afterwards, you can set the order manually in the "DECT synchronization source" column.
26 Click on "Save" to activate the settings.
Please note that the multi-cell ID for several base stations must be identical.