SwyxDECT 500 System Configuration of a SwyxDECT 500 base station Settings at the webinterface User
Under the menu item "Extensions", the following settings are possible:
* Add and edit users.
* Display all of the system's registered users
* Set the base station to log-on mode to log on handsets. See How to connect SwyxPhone D510 with SwyxDECT 500.
* Select registered users to delete or deregister handsets
(International Portable Equipment Identifier) Serial number of the DECT handset.
The IPEI number is set for every handset by the manufacturer and can be seen in the menu of the SwyxPhone D510 under "Settings | Status".
Authorization Code
a number with 4 digits, which you assign to the user´s handset for the registration at a base station.
SIP user ID you entered into the user's properties on the SwyxWare Administration.
User Name Authentication
SIP user name you entered in the user's properties on the SwyxWare Administration.
Password Authentication
Password you entered in the user's properties on the SwyxWare Administration.
Display Name
Additional designation appearing on the handset's display.
Mail box Name
Numbers of User
Mail box number
Here you can e.g. enter the function code for remote query (##10).
P-preferred-identity (Sender number)
Here you can enter further numbers additionally to the own number of the user (e.g. "234;220;478" for an internal number, a group number and an alternative number). Subsequently the user can decide for every external call with the selection of the desired line, which number he wants to signal.
SwyxServer IP address; various servers can be selected.
Add user
Before registration of the new user please keep at hand the serial number (IPEI) of the concerning handset ready. The serial number can be displayed in the menu of SwyxPhone D510 under "Settings | Status".
How to add a new user
1 Select the "Extensions" option in the menu bar.
2 Click on "Add extensions."
3 Enter in the field "IPEI" the serial number of the handset.
4 Enter in the field "AC" the 4 digits number, which is used to identify the user (handset) for the registration at the base station.
5 Enter the number in the "SIP User" field and the SIP user name in the "Authentication Name" field that you also assigned on the SwyxServer during the SIP registration ( The “SIP Registration" Tab).
6 Under "Authentication Password" enter the SIP password that you also assigned in SwyxServer during SIP registration.
7 In the "display information" field, enter the name that should appear on the user's SwyxPhone D510 display.
8 Enter the phone number in the field "Mailbox Name".
9 You can use the "Mailbox Number" field, e.g. to enter the function code for remote query (##10).
10 In the "Server" field, select the SwyxServer on which the user is configured.
11 Click on "Save."
12 Select the desired user.
13 Click on "Log-on handsets".
The log-on mode for the base station is enabled.
14 Log the SwyxPhone D510 of the user just added onto the base station while the base station is still in log-on mode . See Log on SwyxPhone D510/SwyxPhone D565 to SwyxDECT 500.