SwyxDECT 500 System Configuration of a SwyxDECT 500 base station Settings at the webinterface Network
The network settings consist of the following parts: "IP settings", "SIP/RTP settings", "DHCP options" and "NAT settings".
IP Settings
Static IP address
If the DHCP server is active, then the base station will procure the TCP/IP parameters automatically.
Base station IP address
Subnet mask
Base station subnet mask.
Default gateway
IP address of the standard network gateway
DNS (Primary)
Main server to which a base station directs DNS queries.
DNS (Secondary)
Alternative DNS server.
DHCP Options
The value "plug-n-play" should be set to "activated."
NAT settings
The "NAT settings" area is used to make various settings regarding the use of a STUN server. A STUN server makes it possible for NAT clients to communicate behind a firewall with a VoIP provider outside of the local network.
SIP/RTP settings
Local SIP port:
Standard port number value: 5060
Priority of call trigger signal transmission based on the ToS byte's two IP layers.
RTP port:
The port used for RTP audio streaming. Standard port number value: 50004.
RTP port range
Number of ports that can be used for RTP audio streaming. Default value: 40
RTP transmission priority based on ToS byte IP layer.