SwyxDECT 500 System Configuration of a SwyxDECT 500 base station Settings at the webinterface Multicell
In the "multi-cell settings" area, you can make the multi-cell configuration for using specific base stations.
Multicell status
System Information
Status of the multi-cell system.
Last package received from IP
IP address of the last base station synchronized or of the repeater + time of synchronization.
Settings for this base
Multi-cell system
This option has to be activated in order to activate the SwyxDECT 500's multi-cell modus.
System chain ID
ID that is unique for a specific multi-cell
Synchronization time (s)
The duration in seconds after which links from base stations are synchronized with each other.
Data Synch.
DECT base stations are synchronized among each other over the network. There are two types of synchronization that can be chosen:
Simultaneous distribution of synchronization data to all connected base stations. This function must be supported by network hardware (switches). If this is not the case, then use "peer-to-peer."
In "peer-to-peer," another base station is indicated as a synchronization target for each base station. All base stations are synchronized on the system.