SwyxDECT 500 System „ÄČ Log on SwyxPhone D510/SwyxPhone D565 to SwyxDECT 500
Log on SwyxPhone D510/SwyxPhone D565 to SwyxDECT 500
You can log the SwyxPhone D510 onto the base station while the base station is in log-on mode. Please keep at hand the 4-digits number (Authorization Code), which is entered in the field "AC" under the menu bar "Extensions | Add Extensions (or edit Extensions)"t.
How to connect SwyxPhone D510 with SwyxDECT 500
If the base station is already in log-on mode, then proceed to step (4); otherwise, start with step (1).
1 Select the "Extensions" option within the web interface.
2 Select an extension by setting a check mark.
3 Then click on "Register handset(s)".
The log-on mode is enabled.
4 Press the SwyxPhone D510's menu key.
5 Select "Connections" with the navigation key and confirm with "Selection".
6 Select "registration" and confirm with "selection."
7 Enter the 4-digits number (AC) and confirm with "OK".
The telephone is logged-on to the base station.
The log-on mode will not be deactivated automatically.
To avoid unauthorized access, deactivate the mode. In the web interface, click on the link "Extensions | Stop log-on".