Application Examples for SwyxWare SwyxServer as a Conference Server Configuration
The necessary configurations can be differentiated in the configuration of the telecommunication system, which takes precedence over the SwyxWare, and in the configuration of the SwyxWare.
This is how you configure your telecommunication system for a Conference server
1 The numbers of the conference rooms have to be entered into the routing table of the telecommunication system, so they can be signaled to SwyxWare at the internal S0 or S2m. You may have to ask the manufacturer of your old telecommunication system about this.
This is how you configure SwyxWare for a Conference server
1 Configure SwyxServer and SwyxGate for operation as a sub-telecommunication system.
See Connection of SwyxWare as Sub-telecommunication System on a Main Telecommunication System.
2 Based on your needs, enter additional numbers to the conference participants configured in SwyxWare Administration ( The “Internal Numbers” Tab).
3 Configuration of the Conference Participant:
Create rules here, if necessary with the help of the Call Routing Manager, which allow authentication via a PIN, number identification or similar parameters.
External subscribers can reach the conference room per direct dial or by transferring the call from telephone in the telecommunication system.
If the number of conference participants equals the number of available SwyxGate channels, additional subscribers who would like to dial into the conference will receive a busy signal.