Application Examples for SwyxWare SwyxIt! and SwyxPhone in a Terminal Server Environment SwyxWare within terminal server environments
SwyxWare within terminal server environments
SwyxIt! can be installed on a terminal server, so that all terminal clients may use this SwyxIt!. If Outlook is also installed on the terminal server, the conversation partner can be dialed directly from the Outlook contacts, provided SwyxIt! is used in CTI mode (CTI SwyxIt!).
CTI SwyxIt! On the terminal server controls a local SwyxIt!
CTI SwyxIt! runs on a terminal server and controls a SwyxIt! at the user computer. This local SwyxIt! is mainly used for voice output and recording via a handset or a headset.
How to activate the CTI mode in SwyxIt! on a terminal server to control a local SwyxIt!
1 Click on “Settings | CTI..." in the menu bar.
Mark the checkbox "Use CTI to control a device".
2 Then, click on "Start pairing".
3 CTI SwyxIt! will once again search for a SwyxIt! which is logged on to this SwyxServer under the same user.
4 Confirm the inquiry in the local SwyxIt! by selecting "Accept".
5 Within CTI SwyxIt!, click "OK" in the terminal server environment to start the pairing.
When installed on a terminal server, CTI SwyxIt! shows a special behavior:
* Recording wizard does not start
* No warning if there are too many colors
When installing the TAPI service provider, create one TAPI line for each SwyxIt! user that will use CTI SwyxIt! on the terminal server.
Automatic activation of CTI SwyxIt! in terminal server environments for users
In order to activate the CTI mode automatically for users, a registry key has to be set at the client computer.
After the key has been set, the option "Enable CTI" in the CTI dialogue is automatically activated for the user. Furthermore the option is greyed out, so the user cannot disable this mode.