Internal connections (BRI/PRI) „ÄČ Installation of a gateway with SX2 DualPRI V2
Installation of a gateway with SX2 DualPRI V2
In an environment with another PBX (e.g. a fallback SwyxServer), it is possible to forward the exchange connection directly to a PBX if necessary. The SX2 DualPRI V2 has an additional relay, enabling the calls to be forwarded directly even if there is a breakdown.
So long as the relay is activated, i.e. the software (SwyxGate, SwyxServer) is active, the connected PBX is treated as a sub-telecommunication system. If the relay is released, e.g. because
* there is a power failure,
* the SwyxGate service is stopped, e.g. by the administrator directly or in a standby case ( Standby SwyxServer)
then the connected PBX is linked directly to the external line.
The SX2 DualPRI V2 is configured so that one part (a controller, equivalent to a PRI) is directly connected in TE mode to the external line and the other part forwards the calls in NT mode to a sub-PBX (e.g. a fallback SwyxServer). If the computer now breaks down, the opening of the relay causes the external line to be connected through directly to the PBX.