Tools & Traces „ÄČ Add-ons
There are numerous extensions (add-ons) for SwyxWare which you can use to implement special functions for SwyxServer or SwyxIt!.
You will find the following add-ons for the telephony client SwyxIt!:
* SwyxDial Excel AddIn
Dialing from out of Microsoft Excel.
* SwyxDial Internet Explorer AddIn
Dialing from out of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
* SwyxDial Word Macro
Dialing from out of Microsoft Word.
You can support your SwyxServer with the following add-ons:
* SwyxWareStatus Panel
Program for monitoring the SwyxServer load, as well as the SwyxWare services on the server computer
* SwyxLinkQualityTool
Program for evaluating an IP connection (e.g. WAN-Link) for the use of Voice-over-IP (SwyxLink).
Furthermore, a number of other manufacturers have developed programs, which offer additional functions and services for SwyxWare. For further information on the products, please contact the respective manufacturer. Please note that the respective software manufacturer is responsible for the quality of its products and for technical support.