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Swyx Trace Tool
Swyx Trace Tool is an instrument for administrators to set the extent of traces (Logs). It can also help to upload log files directly to your support service.
Swyx Trace Tool offers the following specific functions:
* Even the default setting generates many useful traces.
* Traces can be archived and deleted in set time intervals.
* For exact error analysis it is often necessary to trace the individual actions of the service in more detail. The so-called Trace Level is specified globally for all SwyxWare services running on a computer. In the Trace Tool you can open trace profiles (.ttf) with ready trace settings. Swyx Support can create other customer-specific trace profiles, for subsequent use by the customer.
* So-called "Process Memory Dumps" can be generated by SwyxWare and uploaded.
* The link to a ticket ID will ensure that transferred traces can be assigned to the correct support case.
* To obtain a complete picture for support, information can be added and uploaded about the installed SwyxWare versions, the operating system used, the event log for the time, and Swyx-related registry entries and the configuration files (*.config).
File name for the Trace files
The trace files are all named in the following format:
<Name of the service>-yyyymmdd-hhmmss.log
A second file with the same name, e.g. for clocks changing , is given an additional index (-n).