Voicemail Compression
Voicemail Compression
Formats of Voicemail files
In this section, we will describe how Voicemail files can be compressed (generally or according to user-specific entries).
As default, voicemail attachments are sent as WAV files (Microsoft Wave Audio GSM). Alternatively, it is possible to use other implemented or user-defined compressions in order to reduce the size of the attachments. The compression to be used can be configured globally, i.e. for all users, or individually for each user. The following settings are possible:
Server Default
Use SwyxServer default (only for user settings)
Microsoft WAV Audio PCM
Default WAV file,
Microsoft WAV Audio G711
WAV file, G.711 compressed
Microsoft WAV Audio GSM
WAV file, GSM compressed (Default setting after installation)
MPEG1 Layer 3 Audio*
mp3 file
Ogg vorbis*
ogg file
spx file
* These compressions have to be provided by the administrator.