Location is a user and trunk group property, which groups together site-dependent parameters.
A location represents all site-dependent parameters such as codes, prefixes and time zones, but also PBX settings such as the public line access prefix.
With the help of these location parameters, dialed numbers are composed into a canonical number during operation. Call permissions and routings are then compared with this canonical number within SwyxWare.
A subscriber in Dortmund (country code 49, area code 231, public line access 0) dials the sequence of digits "0123456". The dialed number is then composed as follows:
The leading zero is interpreted as a public line access, and the sequence "123456" is left. As the first digit is no longer 0, the sequence is interpreted as a local number. With the location data, this then gives the canonical number "+49231123456". The routing records and Calling Rights are then checked for this number.
In the SwyxWare Administration you'll find the configured locations in the "Location" directory, with their respective associated users, groups and trunks under them.