Profile Administration profiles
Administration profiles
In addition to the administrator with all rights, there is the option of setting up additional administrators whose rights are restricted to certain applications.
Only those parts of the administration for which the user has the appropriate rights are displayed. For example, a user administrator will not see any trunk groups in the Administration tree view and therefore cannot administrate them.
As default, the profile "Not administrator" is assigned to a user on creation. If you want to change this, open the user properties and assign a different profile to the user ( The “Administration” Tab).
You are already supplied with a few simple administration profiles in the standard installation.
Administration profile
System Administrator
These administrators have unrestricted access to SwyxWare.
Backoffice Administrator
These administrators have all the necessary rights for configuring SwyxServer. Above all, these administrators can create or alter feature profiles.
User Administrator
(User Administrator)
This administrator can undertake all configurations for users and groups. You can assign the numbers and administrator profiles and configure group parameters. The exceptions here are the trunks and trunk groups, and the feature profiles.
User Operator
(User Operator)
This administrator is able to change user properties as well as create or delete users. These rights are typically needed by an administrator who is not meant to change the system configuration.
Call Status Operator
(Call Status Operator)
This administrator can see the current call status in the administration, e.g. whether any calls are currently made.
Phonebook Operator
(Phonebook Operator)
Users with this right can edit the global phone book, e.g. add or change important phone numbers for the whole company.
No Administrator
(No Administrator)
This profile is the default profile for a new user. Therewith the user can log on via SwyxWare Web Administration as user and change his own parameters.
Please note that in a standby scenario the users must be set up on both PCs where SwyxServer is installed. A user must, e.g. have the administration profile "User Administrator" on both computers in order to be able to edit users, regardless of which of the two SwyxServers is currently active.