New Functions
New Functions
New and Improved Functions in SwyxWare
Additional functions and increased flexibility and user-friendliness are typical features of every new version of SwyxWare, making SwyxWare one of the most advanced IP telephone systems on the market. The complete IP architecture and extensive range of functions have made SwyxWare the system of choice for more than 9.300 SMBs throughout Europe.
SwyxWare 11 - New Functions
SwyxPLUS VisualGroups
SwyxPLUS VisualGroups offers the possibility of visually managing call queues in SwyxIt!, see SwyxPLUS: ESTOS, DATEV and Visual Groups integration.
New desk phone models
The SwyxPhone range has been extended by the L62, L64 and L66 models, see also Desktop phones.
To assign properties of a user to a number of other users
You can execute the configuration of a large number of users faster by assigning certain properties of an already configured user to an entire group. See To assign properties of a user to a number of other users.
Swyx Push Notification Service
Via Push Notification Service notifications are sent to client applications to notify them of certain events, see Swyx Push Notification Service.
Support of SwyxIt! skins in HD resolution
New HD skins are available for optimal usage of SwyxIt! on high resolution screens. The skins are supported from SwyxWare 11 on and are included in the installation package.
SwyxWare2015 R4.2- New Functions
Supported by Windows Server2016
SwyxServer and SwyxWare Administration can be installed on Windows Server 2016. See Software requirements.
Automatic updating of the system phone whitelist
You should determine a Windows task for the automatic updating of the system phone whitelist. See Install and update Whitelist.
Welcome email
Send the user an Email with his registration data and most important configurations. See Welcome E-mail.
Configure public RemoteConnector addresses directly in the SwyxWare Administration
You can configure SwyxServer directly in the SwyxWare Administration for the connection with the new Client generation. See Tab "RemoteConnector".
SwyxWare 2015 R4 - New functions
Support of additional transport protocols on SIP trunks (TCP, TLS) and voice data encryption on SIP trunks
If your SIP provider supports voice data encryption on TLS connections you can set "TLS" as transport protocol and activate voice data encryption for several SIP trunk groups. See The "Encryption" tab of the SIP Trunk Group.
Administration profile SwyxWare for Data Center
You can assign the administrator profile "Reseller Administrator Limited" to SwyxWare for Data Center administrators. See Feature profiles in SwyxWare for Data Center and SwyxON.
SwyxWare 2015 R3 - New functions
New SwyxWare Client for Mac OS
A new SwyxWare Desktop Client is now available for Mac OS X users.
See Swyx Desktop for MacOS User Documentation
Swyx Connector for Skype
With Swyx Connector for Skype, you are now able to use Microsoft Skype for Business features such as instant messaging, status indication and phonebook in combination with Swyx telephone functionalities.
For further information, please refer to the SwyxIt! documentation.
Supported operating systems
SwyxIt! (incl. SwyxFax Client) now also supports the Windows 10 operating system.
SwyxWare 2015 R2 - New functions
Connection support for new generation clients
The authentication service included in SwyxWare enables direct internet connections to new clients via RemoteConnector. A special client configuration is not necessary. Any communication with the authentication service is encrypted via HTTPS. See Connections with the Swyx Mobile and MacOS Clients.
SwyxWare 2015 - New Functions
By using the cloud-based concept of SwyxRemoteConnector, SwyxWare provides another remote access technology. You can permit subscribers to log-on to SwyxServer outside the company network. Setting up a virtual private network is thus no longer necessary.
In this function, security is guaranteed via the TLS protocol and the use of X.509 certificates.
Microsoft SQL Server 2014
The database software packs SQL Server 2014 are additionally supported as of this version.