Cross-network connections Internet connection via SwyxRemoteConnector
Internet connection via SwyxRemoteConnector
SwyxRemoteConnector is a SwyxWare service that enables and manages connections from SwyxWare clients to SwyxServer and/or SwyxStandby servers from the Internet. A direct TLS-encrypted connection is set up between the server and the client.
A subscriber with SwyxIt! installed and configured can log-on to SwyxServer and use SwyxWare telephony from his/her home office and via any type of Internet connection almost without any restrictions.
In SwyxON, the settings for RemoteConnector and Authentication Service are provided on SwyxServer from the provider. You only need follow the corresponding Client configurations as described in this chapter.
When connecting via SwyxRemoteConnector, SwyxPLUS, SwyxIt! Meeting, the SwyxIt! video function and SwyxIt! on a terminal server are not available in the current version.
When using a VPN connection, however, above functions can be used in their full scope.