Cross-network connections „ÄČ WAN connections
WAN connections
SwyxWare can connect two locations via a WAN (Wide Area Network). In this case, you'll need to differentiate between two basic scenarios:
* Small Office - Connection
A SwyxServer is installed at the Dortmund location (A) (e.g., at the headquarters) and there is no SwyxServer at the Berlin location (B), but rather a network that already has an IP connection to the Dortmund location (A) (headquarters).
See Small Office - Connection.
In this case, it would also be possible to connect the branch office via a SIP gateway trunk.
See SIP Gateway Links.
* SwyxLink (Server Server Link)
Both Dortmund (A) and Berlin (B) have a network with one SwyxServer installed at each location.
A requirement for the WAN connection is an IP connection between Dortmund (A) and Berlin (B). Such an IP connection can be implemented in different ways:
* connection to a Remote Access Server (RAS), as well as a demand-dial connection (dial-in) or a permanent connection (leased line) or
* connection via the Internet.
For information about connecting a branch office to SwyxWare at the headquarters via a VPN connection using SwyxConnect , please refer to SIP Gateway Links.