Cross-network connections „ÄČ Intersite Presence
Intersite Presence
By setting up a SwyxLink it is possible to implement a connection between two or more SwyxServers. The configuration of this link allows status information (logged off, free, speaking) to be exchanged between users who are not logged on to the same SwyxServer. As of version 2011 R2, the collaboration, video and instant messaging feature can be used over different servers. Similarly, the users of one site will be displayed in the Global Phonebook of the other site, and vice versa.
A distinction is made between the following types of connection:
* Remote SwyxServer in the same organization
* Remote SwyxServer from another organization
See Configuring a SwyxLink Trunk.
Below is a graphical representation of various scenarios for connecting multiple SwyxServers using different connection types.