SwyxFax Server „ÄČ System requirements
System requirements
SwyxFax is a component of SwyxServer. You will find the current matching client version (SwyxIt!) on the SwyxWare DVD.
Please always install the appropriate matching (identical) server and client versions.
System requirements for SwyxServer and other components, see System Requirements.
SwyxFax Client
SwyxFax Client is a component of the telephony client SwyxIt!. The computer must accordingly satisfy the same requirements as for SwyxIt!.For further information, please refer to the SwyxIt! documentation.
SwyxFax in a standby scenario
From Version 7.0 on, SwyxFax can also be installed in a standby scenario. There are various possibilities:
* SwyxFax installed on master and standby server
Then in the event of a failure of the master system, all tasks will be taken over by the standby server.
* SwyxFax installed only on the master server
In this case, if the master system fails, there is temporarily no available fax functionality.
* A SwyxFax installation as a service on a separate computer
In this case the fax functionality is available so long as this computer is running.
* Two SwyxFax installations as separate services on separate computers
The SwyxFax standby system can thus form the fallback for the SwyxFax master system.
SwyxFax cannot be installed only on the standby system: this will not work.
See also Standby SwyxServer.