SwyxFax Server Configuring SwyxFax Server Tab "Protocol"
Tab "Protocol"
SwyxWare Saves information about established connections (itemized call records) in a similar format as the "Call Detail Records" into a text file.
When saving and processing personal data, observe the respective applicable legal data protection regulations.
While SwyxFax Server is active, and after activation in administration, information concerning all activities of SwyxFax Server (similarly to the call detail records) is written to the file 'activity.log'.
If you don't want any recordings, please enable "no protocol".
If you choose the option "Write log into Text File", you specify here the file name and the directory in the file system for saving the call detail records for SwyxFax Server. If necessary, you can limit the file size (100 – 32000 Kbyte). If the maximum file size is exceeded, a new file with the same name plus a counter will be created and filled.
For an overview of all files that are written by the fax components during operation, see Traces.