SwyxFax Server Form Storage
Form Storage
SwyxFax offers you the option of adding forms, such as letterhead, to the fax documents before they are sent. These are graphics files, which are stored in the database and which are added to the fax when it is sent.
You can choose different letterheads for the first page (after the cover page) and each additional page of the fax. In SwyxFax Client you can choose from the letterheads present in the database.
The forms must be stored as a PCX file in the database, in the category "Fax Letterhead". See The “Files” Tab.
Format of the Letterhead Files
The PCX graphics must have a resolution of 1728x2338 and can have two colors. You can create such a PCX file using a graphics program (e.g. Irfan View). Alternatively, the following provides a description of how you can create such a file with the help of the SwyxFax Client.
This is how you create a letterhead
1 Design a new letterhead in an application (for example, Microsoft Word).
Make certain that the letterhead has the DIN A4 format because otherwise you will have problems applying it to the documents to be sent.
2 Print the document you have created from this application and select the printer "SwyxFax".
The SwyxFax Client Send dialog will be opened.
3 Deactivate the option "Send Cover Page" and enter your own fax extension in the "Fax" field and send the fax.
4 In a moment (refresh interval), the sent fax will appear in your fax inbox of your SwyxFax Client.
5 Highlight the fax in the fax inbox and open the context menu (right mouse button).
6 Select "Export…".
The "Export Fax…" window will open.
7 Display the page you created as a letterhead and select "Export…".
8 Then select the format "PCX" and save the displayed page. The "Export" function always saves the currently displayed page only.
9 The PCX file created can be saved into the database (category "Fax letterhead") If you don't activate the option "Private", this template is available to all SwyxFax Client users as a form. See The “Files” Tab.