SwyxFax Server „ÄČ SwyxFax Printer Gateway
SwyxFax Printer Gateway
You can specify one or more printers in the Fax forwarding table as recipients. Faxes that are assigned to a printer are processed by a separate Windows service "SwyxFax Printer Gateway".
This service is an independent component and is installed as default on the SwyxFax Server computer during installation, and automatically started in a restart. It regularly checks for print jobs from SwyxFax Server. These are executed and then removed from the fax job list. Therefore, print jobs are only visible for a short time in the SwyxFax Administration.
If for some reason the print job cannot be executed, for example because the SwyxFax Printer Gateway does not have access to the defined printer, the print job will be given the "Error" status and will remain in the fax job list.
User account of the SwyxFax Printer Gateway
SwyxFax Printer Gateway usually logs on using the user account in which the SwyxFax Server service is started. This user must therefore also have access rights for all of the printers required.
Alternatively, the configuration of the SwyxFax Printer Gateway can be changed so that it logs on under a different user account. To do this, start the configuration wizard and enter a different user account, which thus gains the necessary access rights.